This coming March 27, Lazada will be turning 9 years old!

Yep, you’ve read that right! One of our favorite online shopping destinations is turning 9 this year. To celebrate, Lazada will be allowing shoppers to get up to 90% discount and free shipping on their purchases for that day. Since we all know that at most times, we cannot stop ourselves from adding to cart, raking in tens of thousands of spend. 

Why don’t we instead look at ways on how we can monetize our podcast show to get potential earnings that are up to 15% in sales commissions to say, break-even? Now, of course, this may seem too good to be true. But in anything (and well, everything) there are certain requirements for you to do is. (It won’t be too much work I promise)

How you can join Lazada’s 9th Birthday Sale Affiliate Program on Podmetrics:

**Note: To participate please use the  “Optimized landing page link” only.

Simply watch the video below to see how you can generate your podcast show affiliate link for Lazada.

Simply put.

  1. Click here & Log into your Podmetrics Account (If you do not have one yet for your podcast, Just click here to do so)
  2. Once inside the dashboard, on the left-hand corner click on the Monetisation Tab then go to Ad Marketplace
  3. Click on Lazada Offers and choose LAZADA – Optimized Landing Page
  4. A prompt will appear, simply just click on Apply and Generate Link

You now have your Affiliate link, but you’re not sure what to do with it? No worries,  read on the infographic below to apply some best practices to promote your affiliate link. 

A Best Practice Guide on Affiliate Marketing (For Podcasts)

Affiliate Marketing in Podcast Best Practices

Next up, here are some sample spiels that you can use to promote affiliate links on your show. Don’t forget to insert this as a pre-roll, mid-roll, or baked in (whichever fits best)

Sample Spiels for your Podcast Show

Here are some sample spiels below, you can use them for your show, just don’t forget to add a bit more flare to make it work for your own show. (Personalisation is key)

  1. Have you been eyeing some items on Lazada? Add to cart now and check out on March 27 for Lazada’s 9th Birthday Sale! Enjoy up to 90% OFF on Lazada’s biggest brands and FREE shipping with no minimum spend! Don’t forget to use my link: [INSERT LINK] when you check out!
  2.  Has there been an item in your cart that you’ve been wanting to check out? Well, it’s Lazadas 9th birthday sale on March 27th! Get up to 90% off with free shipping! Please do use my link [ insert link] when you check out!
  3. Don’t miss out on Lazada’s 9th birthday sale this march 27th! Take an extra 90% off + free shipping! Check out using my link [link]. 

Lastly, but definitely not the least here are some additional promo mechanics brought to you by Podmetrics you need to absolutely know about Lazada’s 9th Birthday Sale. 

More amazing wins 

Oh did we mention, on top of the regular incentive Lazada will give, in order to make this affiliate marketing campaign more exciting, Podmetrics stepped up to make it more fun and rewarding!

Let me ask you this, have you ever dreamed of your podcast being on a digital billboard? (Probably YES!)

Yes. That’s right. The Top 5 Podcasters* for Lazada’s 9th Birthday Sale will be featured on a Digital Billboard along C5! Now, isn’t this awesome?

In addition to a billboard feature, you’ll be rewarded with a Php 2,000 Voucher from Lazada and we’ll be doubling the commission for all checked-out items on March 27th!

Keep an eye out for the mechanics below and start generating your affiliate link now.

Additional Promo Mechanics:

  1. To qualify for the Billboard Slot and double incentives, you must generate more than 200 checked out items and successful orders on March 27th only.
  2. Under Lazada Campaigns, only promote the “Optimized Landing page” link generated from Podmetrics.

Other Things To note – Validation Process

Now winning is definitely something we all want. Here are some important things to note for the campaign.

The process of validation takes about two weeks with Lazada PH. Now this happens since LAZADA does an internal sales validation process to check the latest status on every pending order at the end of each month. Only then can we get the data and pass it back to our system.

The conversion and commission reports may reflect on your Podmetrics account several weeks after the purchase happened from your link. 

One last thing, items should be fulfilled and delivered in order for it to be considered valid.

Need more information? Check out The Podmetrics Help Desk! 

***Podmetrics offers podcasting tools that make it easier for you to monetize your podcast. Take advantage of them to amplify your podcast. Get your Affiliate link here and start promoting!