One of the fastest growing Universal Banks in the Philippines, UnionBank is now open for an exclusive affiliate program with Podmetrics.


Join one of the fastest growing digital banks in the country as they dominate digital banking with their affiliate program with Podmetrics. It’s simple, and will allow you to earn $10 for every successfully approved UnionBank Lazada credit card application. 


UnionBank Lazada Credit Card

UnionBank Lazada Credit Card


How to Join UnionBank Affiliate Program

  1. Click here & Log into your Podmetrics Account (If you do not have one yet for your podcast, Just click here to do so)
  2. Once inside the dashboard, on the left-hand corner click on the Monetisation Tab then go to Ad Marketplace
  3. Click on UnionBank Offers and choose UnionBank Lazada Affiliate Program
  4. A prompt will appear, simply just click on Apply and wait for the approval of your account to join the affiliate program. (It can take up to 3 weeks for UnionBank to approve)
  5. Share this unique affiliate link/referral code on your socials and do not forget to place it on the episode description field of the podcast episodes you will be using to promote.


Other Entitlements


A very good fine print to include in your promotions is the fact that your affiliate link  generated will entitle the customers (your listeners) to a P5000 Lazada Credits once application is approved and with P20,000 Minimum Lazada Spend within 60 days of approval.

Looking for a credit card that aims to give the most out of your online shopping spending is probably one of the biggest pain points a lot of new online shoppers encounter. With how UnionBank and Lazada teamed up with This Mastercard exclusive: UnionBank Lazada Credit Card — we finally see the first-ever credit card geared towards eCommerce with a lot of offers & promos that is sure to benefit those who frequent Lazada and other eCommerce platforms out there.


What are you waiting for?

With this new affiliate program, you have a chance to earn additional with every Lazada sale (they also have a lot of affiliate programs offered under Podmetrics!) and if you happen to know people who wished to have a more satisfying & rewarding shopping experience, this  new credit card, will definitely be the best value you can give them!


We also heard that for every Php 200 spend in Lazada using this new credit card will let users earn Php 6 in Lazada credits, while every Php 200 spend outside of Lazada will earn Php 1. Aside from a physical credit card, the UnionBank Lazada Credit Card also has a virtual card feature that is accessible through the UnionBank Online app. using UnionBank’s app means that the virtual card is secure with biometrics and OTP.


There’s just way too much value on this offer and we cannot help being excited for all our podcasters out there as we offer in this new affiliate program!


There’s no way we cannot take advantage of such a good deal. Simply follow the steps above and we will see you on the flip side!